All trainings are adjusted to the rules of protection against Covid-19

All trainings are adjusted to the rules of protection against Covid-19


Skills Innovative Learning experience – methodology

In Skills we use modern content and methods and we focus on every aspect of your learning.
Everything we do is tailored in that way to develop your knowledge, skills and results. We understand challenges that you meet. As we also live and  do business in Serbia, we understand the market too.

Our training programs are designed to meet your personal needs for development.  Even before, during and after training, we make sure to understand your needs . Our experienced trainers deliver tailored made training to you.
Training are designed and implemented by professionals in their areas. We are proud because we achieve excellent results and invest time and energy in order to create modern and up to date training.

Especially we pay attention to understand HOW adults learn. Therefore our programs are designed as interactive, motivating and fun. We combine different approaches, so dynamics and energy are not always the same, which provides opportunity to examine and practice what we teach even before participants go back to their work and try it in practice. It is very important to say that our training are conducted of 80% of practice and 20% of theory.

Here are some elements of Skills training:

•    Practical, with active engagement of participants: we focus on practice. This approach raise self-esteem in non risk environment

•    Small groups: number of people is optimized for high level of engagement and interaction. Maximum number of people on Skills training is between 8 and 12

•    Reviews and encouragement: small groups make it possible to create save environment, where trainer can lead participant to make a review and realize which skills they need, as well as to develop self-esteem

•    Self analysis: helping training participants to understand their advantages and disadvantages is the key for efficient learning. By different activities, which include reviews, discussions, video materials, we help participants to understand themselves, their knowledge and needs for improvement.

•    Resources tailored to training needs: including games and formal management, using video materials, case studies and using suitable technologies

•    Making action plan: During training participants are creating base for action plans in order to stay at their workplace and IMMEDIATELY implement new knowledge

We will be happy to present you  detailed Skills methodology during meeting. Please contact us at 011 22 82 182!